Favorite Climbing Areas

You currently have no favorite areas.
To add a favorite area, go to an area page and click the star next to the climbing area name.
For example, go to Horse Pens 40. The star will be grayed out by default:
Clicking the star will make it highlighted:
The area now appears in your favorites:
To permanently save your favorite areas, Login or Create an Account
About Favorites
Favorites give you a way to easily keep track of climbing areas within ClimbingWeather.com
To add a favorite to your list, find the climbing area by search, the map or viewing areas by state. Each area has a star next to the state and climbing area name. Click the star and it is instantly added to your favorites. On the next page load, the 'Favorites' tab will appear in the top navigation bar.
Favorites only last the length of the browser session for users not logged into ClimbingWeather.com.
If you would like to permanently add your favorites, so that they appear anytime that you are logged in, either login or register for an account.