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Programmer + Climber + Love of Weather = ClimbingWeather.com

I started ClimbingWeather.com while living in Washington, DC circa 2006. Usually, Wednesday or Thursday would roll around and we would scan several weather sites for the best weather within a 6 hour radius of where we lived. That meant it could be the Gunks, Seneca Rocks, the New, or even the Red (if we were willing to drive a bit further). Flipping back and forth to all those sites was a pain! Plus with pop-up ads, etc, you get the picture.

I had been a programmer for about 6 years, but still didn't have my own website. Sure, I started a blog like everybody else, but I'm not the type to update stuff like that on a regular basis. Instead, I wanted to create a site that I could 'make work' and then would more or less run itself. No content updates, just good information.

Poking around the internet I found out that our tax payer dollars fund certain public-facing National Weather Service features. This included a web service for point weather forecasts. These are the exact same forecasts that can be found on the NWS website. Wouldn't it be great if I could put together a site that linked these forecasts with the specific latitude and longitudes of climbing areas? Better yet, what if I could put in my zip code (20010) and find a listing of weather forecasts for areas near me?

Well, as they say, the rest is history (and a lot of hard work). I still while-away my days at a full-time day job (which is actually working with a really great group of people), but at night, I transform into the climbing community's weather hero. So, stop checking those other weather sites, and start checking ClimbingWeather.com!

Hope you enjoy the work that I've done and look forward to hearing from you!

Jon St. John
New River Gorge, Fayetteville, WV

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Finally checked my email after about 3 months - sorry for all those emails I missed - back on it now
12/14 12:09 AM from web
@ClimbHighVT Actually, yes, just starting to look for sponsors for the site. Possibly an exclusive sponsor or several smaller ones
06/16 9:12 PM from web
@ClimbHighVT Really nice, clean design, great presentation of information, just finished up a redesign myself on Sunday - feedback? :)
06/16 12:06 PM from web
@climbwithkids Just launched the ClimbingWeather.com redesign on Sunday, working on mobile update, + another climbing-related side project
06/16 10:30 AM from web
Climb and got kids? Check out this great interview with Laura Miller @climbwithkids http://t.co/OW1soSs
06/15 7:34 PM from web
@climbwithkids @Chicksclimbing @kidtravel @ClimbHighVT Awesome interview - thanks so much for sharing! Inspiring for new climbing parents!
06/15 7:33 PM from web
@alpinewerx Sweet! Also, completely blown away by the quality of the RRG app when I first saw it - you guys do great work!
06/14 9:10 PM from web
@alpinewerx Thanks for the follow, love the RRG app, looking forward to the NRG one - neighbors with Mikey in Fayetteville
06/14 9:00 PM from web
@vanizzle17 sweet site - thanks for the follow! I'm a looseleaf tea lover myself!
06/13 8:23 PM from web
Re-design is launched! Send us your feedback - http://t.co/YSDW96A
06/12 8:13 PM from web